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Kertu Kibal

  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • "How to find Toto's farm – a story about graphic design"
  • Tutor: Else Lagerspetz
  • Digital illustration; watercolour, acrylic, pencil, marker on paper
  • 200x270mm
Front cover

Children’s book “How to find Toto’s farm? – a story about graphic design” explains the essence and practices of graphic design to an audience of all ages. My intention was to make information about design and a creative job more accessible to children and adults in Estonia. The main characters of the book – Toto and his farm animals, get caught up in real world problems within their everyday lives, like urbanising, information overload and loneliness. Together they find solutions using graphic design tools, design thinking and each other’s strengths. This book also raises important aspects of today’s society that every child should come across at an early age – such as recycling, supportive teamwork, handicraft and DIY, caring for nature and ability of critical thinking.

Spread from book
Spread from book