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Jekaterina Kožemjatšenko

  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • Existing Memories, Extinct Media Representations
  • Tutor: Maria Muuk
  • Silk screen printed posters
  • 5 70 x 100 cm

“Existing Memories, Extinct Media Representations” is a five-part installation of screen printed posters. The main theme of the posters are kiosks — the small lightweight buildings designed for small-scale commerce. They were most widespread in the era of the development of private entrepreneurship in the 90s. Nowadays, kiosks are considered as rudiments, and every year the media raises the issue of their demolition. Some kiosks are converted into trendy cafes or street food corners, while others are simply demolished, lasting only in people’s memories.

On the one hand, kiosks are places that create pleasant memories, stories and bring people together, thus forming collective memories that are so different yet very similar. Kiosks might bring to mind the first independent purchase, walks after school with friends, the pockets full of change. On the other hand, the media representation of the kiosks, with a negative assessment of their appearance and contingent shows above all a repulsive attitude towards these buildings.

The creation of the posters was based on researching the remaining information about the kiosks on the web, collecting articles and analyzing the kiosks on the streets, as well as communicating with people and archiving their memories. The collected information is printed on transparent plastic sheets, which are stacked on top of each other like different layers of information and memory.