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Emilia Kagovere

  • Industrial and Digital Product Design
  • BA
  • User-based product development for the Estonian Library for the Blind
  • Tutor: Nesli Hazal Oktay

As a digital product designer, I feel a responsibility to contribute to improving the lives of people with special needs, hoping to achieve equality and avoid direct discrimination in the digital public services and environments. I had the possibility to contribute by prototyping a new web environment for The Estonian Library for the Blind.

The user of the web library is a person with a visual impairment or other disability, disorder, or illness that prevents them from reading the printed text. In order for the web library to be accessible to the target group, it is important to map their needs. 

My thesis focused on designing a prototype based on the different user types, their needs and wishes. Users shared their experience in the research and testing phase, I contributed with design skills and in cooperation we created a vision of what the future Estonian Library for the Blind web library should be.