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Monica Mustjõgi

  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • Monica Mustjõgi portfolio
  • Tutor: Roland Reemaa


I define interior architecture based on a scale, it’s something that relates closer to a human being than architecture.

In design I like to rely on a relationship between laconicism and eclecticism. On the one hand, I believe its important that the space is simple and has a clear character. On the other hand a few living traces can provide a certain familiarity and sense of security.

I feel that our field is very closely related to the art of problem solving. It’s not so much about what you like, but what you can do based on given needs, possibilities and limitations. I consider it important to do a thorough research at the beginning of the project. It is vital to map an existing situation, identify problems and needs. Certain projects will also benefit from research of a history to understand the atmosphere and whether it would be important to maintain it.

I would especially like to point out architectonics course, which improved my ability to perceive an aesthetic balance between objects. In terms of layout, scale and colors.

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Educational space
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