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Anna Malkin

  • Art Education
  • MA
  • Technology-assisted Artwork Exhibition and Peer-feedback
  • Tutor: Anneli Porri


This action research aims to widen the range of assessment methods used in art and design lessons with the e-environment, which allows the use of video presentations and peer review in the form of written and video comments to develop both artwork analysis literacy and feedback literacy.


There are a total of 61 videos and 199 comments in my sample, which helped me to understand and fixate the ability of students to evaluate their study process and their feedback literacy. 14 students answered questions and one teacher participated in a semi-structured interview. This method was used to research the motivation and value of this practice.

In my research, I point out that exhibiting artwork using an asynchronous method has a positive effect on the development of students’ self-expression skills and evaluation of their learning process. The study also showed the development of artwork analyzing skills among fifth-graders. From the teacher’s point of view, the study showed a deeper approach to each student’s artwork and development process, and is in line with the general Estonian education strategy 2035. The aspect of peer review needs to be further developed over a longer and more in-depth study, but this research already shows how feedback literacy has evolved in terms of both critical feedback and acceptance, which in turn supports a general socio-constructivist approach to collaborative learning.

Original text in Estonian