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Zane Shumeiko

  • Textile Design
  • MA
  • SHU-SHU-SHUM free-motion embroidery practice creating multisensorial experiences
  • Tutor: Kristi Kuusk, PhD and Taavi Hallimäe, MA
  • Machine embroidery, paper, video

I stitch, touch, listen and observe the sounds and textures that appear when the sewing machine’s needle stitches material, creating a series of multilayered artworks on paper. I represent it with the title Shu-shu-shum, meaning sound and noise making. 

I explore the process of free-motion machine embroidery as a multi-sensorial experience (vision, sound, touch, smell). Artwork series are my subjective tactile experiences and understandings formed through drawing, painting, stitching, sound and video recordings. 

I aim to share my experiences and collaborate through the technique of free-motion embroidery using a sewing machine for embroidery and paper. Paper can be moved freely in all directions creating marks and textures while stitching. My experimentation involves other people creating collaborative pieces containing a personal story and multisensorial characteristics. 

Finally, I introduce the stitched samples to other people to understand the technique’s potential to trigger the multi-sensorial experiences of emotions, memories and associations. I present video recordings of the process along with my stitched art pieces. 

All photographs by Reti Kokk.

“All in your hands” (detail) Free-motion machine embroidered work. 2022 This is a piece dedicated to the universal role of grandmother. It is inspired by family connections and my personal response to the geopolitical situation caused by the Russian war in Ukraine in 2022. The feelings and emotions are expressed through multi sensoriality of materials and techniques.
“Holding hands” Free-motion machine embroidered work from the series “Dedication to my childhood self.” 2021 I communicate through stitching with my inner thoughts, feelings and childhood memories, depicting the autoportrait and the inner child.
“Loving hand” (detail) Free-motion machine embroidered work from the series “Dedication to my grandmother.” 2022 The series consists of five free-motion embroidered works on paper dedicated to my grandmother and inspired by multisensory memories about her.
Free-motion machine embroidered textures, hand embroidery, and found objects. 2021 They are offered to the public to be touched and experienced.