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Yu-Fang Hu

  • Jewellery and Blacksmithing
  • MA
  • In Search of Fuzzy Craft
  • Tutor: Piret Hirv, Gemma Draper
  • Marble, brass

The development of human society seems to have come to its peak, but what we believe does not bring us a brighter future. With society moving at a catastrophic rate, we are slowly losing grasp of reality. Our connections to the environment have blurred out. Life in the current iteration of human society leads me to reconsider the established order of things by means of investigations on blurriness as an expressive mode through exploration in the medium of stone. 

Although this coupling of blurred technique and expression on one hand with lithic materiality on the other may seem paradoxical, my project’s investigations have their origins in my own experiences with photography and linguistic studies. The written thesis discusses blurriness from visual and linguistic perspectives and its relevance to modern society, which unfolds fundamental questions about material agency in my own practice.

Cutting into the stone takes away the volume as well as its opacity. The plain white surface of marble obscures the inner structure and an image emerges when the light comes through. Its lack of definition avoids denoting the arbitrary relation between concept and form. The perceived image depends not only on the form but its interaction with light. The series of stonework is not crafted to be self-contained objects but presents a phenomenon that interrogates the question of meaning-making through perceiving and understanding.