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Jette Paat

  • Cultural Heritage and Conservation
  • BA
  • Valuing cultural heritage in Võru
  • Tutor: Riin Alatalu

The people of Tallinn have Lender houses, Tallinn type houses, functionalist houses, tsarist villas and boarding houses, wooden house in Art Nouveau style, houses with Art Deco elements, medieval houses, prestigious houses built according to projects commissioned by architects, such as the individual house of August Volberg and so on. What the inhabitants of Tallinn definitely appreciate.

There are houses with a bit more modest architecture in Võru. I was interested in whether and how much people value their historical urban space and living environment. So I compiled a questionnaire on attitudes and opinions.

The survey was conducted online and as a face-to-face interview. The questionnaire consisted of multiple-choice answers and questions that could be answered in your own words. There were 24 questions on the topic of valuing wooden buildings, people’s actions in developing and protecting heritage, and people of Võru awareness of restrictions, subsidies, rights and obligations. 70 city dwellers responded to the questionnaire. The public opinion poll helped to measure the interest of the residents in the Old Town, to analyze the future prospects and what the future brings for the Old Town of Võru.

Catherine alley and nice wooden houses, May 23, 2022. Photo: Jette Paat
Historic buildings and Kreutzwald park near lake Tamula, May 23, 2022. Photo: Jette Paat