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Tõnis Laurson

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • "Just make it nice."
  • Tutor: Liina Siib and Taavi Piibemann; Consultant: Kristina Paabus
  • Silkscreen
  • A4, print series

Misprints are, generally, bad news — especially in industry. But what if a misprint turns out so well that you actually like it? Having come across some “nice” misprints, both in my screen printing job and my art practice, I decided to look into the relationship that errors and chance have in art.

My work is a series of CMYK silkscreen prints of a photo of cats. I felt that working with fine halftones in several layers would make it easy enough to attract mistakes, as well as providing plenty of parameters to play with, in order to create large amounts of variations of one image. The idea of that is to illustrate the complexity of defining a misprint, despite its seeming objectivity in industry.

One time at work, a co-worker, confused by a mock-up image, asked whether his print-placement was okay and another answered: “Just make it so it’s nice.”