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Tarmo Kiuru

  • Industrial and Digital Product Design
  • BA
  • The Apartment Building Renovation Guide
  • Tutor: Maarja Mõtus
  • Prototype
The Apartment Building Renovation Guide

Renovation of houses is important mainly to ensure a healthy indoor climate for residents and to reduce overall energy consumption. This will lead to lower utility costs and improve the overall quality of life.

Managing apartment associations is a topic that no one usually wants to deal with. However, in Tallinn, 85% of the population lives in apartment buildings.

I’ve been the manager of an apartment association for more than ten years and the life cycle of our house has recently reached a stage where I had to start preparing the process of renovation.

Since I had no previous experience in renovating apartment houses, I searched the internet for additional information. To my surprise, there isn’t much reliable and helpful information available. I decided to improve the situation and create a complete guide for renovating an apartment building.

The Apartment Building Renovation Guide is a prototype of the website for the managers of the apartment association. It brings together all the necessary information carrying out the renovation process.

The design process included user surveys, workshops, expert interviews, co-creation with stakeholders, information design, prototyping and testing. I collaborated with other managers of apartment associations as well as experts in the field of construction and housing.

The biggest challenge for me was to map all the stages of the renovation process and put it in a simple, user-friendly format.

The Apartment Building Renovation Guide includes a step-by-step guide, descriptions of all stages, support materials and a simple solution for finding a consultant.

Check out the PROTOTYPE.