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Tamar Paal

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • All times, places and things are with us at any moment, but none of them are here
  • Tutor: Raivo Kelomees
  • Video installation

Screen space has become part of the experience of physical space. Screen space influences the viewer, their experience of space and the interpretation of visual information by creating a parallel information space. Through the installation I explore the relationship between screen space and real space. What illusions arise in the perception of screen space and real space?

My creative project is a video installation of projections. The monitors and projections are juxtaposed against a large viewing window. A viewport is a screen in a physical space, similar to a monitor or projector screen. The window gives the viewer a view out of the room, into physical space. The screens are positioned at different angles so that the angle of view distorts the actual perspective of the camera. On the screen, I show a video image, transmitted in real time, which is time-shifted.