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Polina Zahharenkova

  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • Soft Print
  • Tutor: Indrek Sirkel

Today, for the graphic designer, the digital world is a sacred zone of convenience. The work “Soft Print” is an attempt to move away from the usual way of working and look for alternative design techniques in the physical world. For me, it was important not just to create, but to explore — new materials, textures and ways to work by hand. I focused on the technique of punch needle embroidery and printing with handmade rugs. In the case of work, the process is more important than the result, because many time-consuming steps are required to achieve it: sketching, embroidery, fixing, making tryouts, painting, printing, washing, drying. The result is unpredictable — each copy is different from the previous one. Fuzziness, randomness, and sometimes even imperfection provide a unique and paradoxical opportunity to discover new boundaries. The final format of the graduation work is the exhibition poster design and booklet.