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Sandra Ernits

  • Fine Arts, Installation and Sculpture
  • BA
  • Reaching the moment
  • Tutor: Taavi Talve, Taavi Piibemann
  • installation

The scene is the story.

Being between the abstract and the familiar, we experience nostalgia for something unknown.

The permanence or impermanence of objects around us does not seem to need conscious attention.

Retrofuturism, a future that manifests itself as a past, as if already experienced.

The present moment is divided by synchronicity, a coincidence, the meaning of which is purely personal.

Time forms do not apply for the present moment.

The moment is timeless.

Darkness with artificial light is still darkness.

In it, some part of the human time-sensing machine stops working.

It might be a little uncomfortable.

You’re in liminal space.