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Regina Tagger

  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • Teel: Enhancing Patient Empowerment Through Multidisciplinary Support Networks for Heart Transplant Care Journey. For Patients, with Patients.
  • Tutor: Martin Pärn and Riin Kullaste

The work focuses on heart transplant patients and co-designing better care services with them. The thesis looks through the ecosystem view of the connected actors, and implements social- and service design into the hospital environment.

The concept is based on the main themes of transparency, accessibility, community, need for a specialised support network, and patient empowerment, to improve the heart transplant patient journey. 

The name Teel translates as “on the way” or “on the journey” (from Estonian). The name communicates the meaning of being on the way, which is perceived as a positive term and is usually used for being on the way towards something better. Teel symbolises the importance of the journey and progress, actions, and feelings during the journey – there is no completion or finish line, the journey is the concept to build and grow.

Teel is a multidisciplinary patient support system, consisting of physical and digital touchpoints, aiming to increase patient empowerment through education, community, individual approach, inclusivity, specialist network, and shared experience. Teel is an addition to include in the daily life of a patient, diagnosed with a heart condition that results in needing a donor heart. As a result, the patients are feeling empowered on their health journey.

Teel consists of a Teel Space and Teel Digital.

Teel Digital is a digital platform that allows patients to track their individual journeys, set small goals to sustain their motivation, and connect with other patients from their home environment. The platform includes the possibility to connect with the specialist network to ask questions and get additional information, especially for the individual needs. The same goes for transplantation resources – which are available to read and research on the platform. The smart system can recognise the patterns and similar experiences on the patient’s journey, giving patients a possibility to connect.
Teel Space is a physical meeting place for heart transplantation patients, upcoming pre-and post-transplant, patient loved ones, and medical specialists. The room is equipped with transplantation resources and specialist help. The Space works like an interactive exhibition in which the patients can think along and add their knowledge to the space, therefore develop the layers of journeys and inclusivity of heart transplantation in Estonia by sharing their knowledge and experience.