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Piret Roos

  • Textile Design
  • BA
  • Internal Mirror- Visualising Altered States of Consciousness in Machine Embroidery
  • Tutor: Kadi Kibbermann, Piret Valk
  • Machine embroidery
  • 150cm x 140cm

In my work “Internal Mirror”, I visualize and interpret the altered states of consciousness according to my face and experience, using the technique of machine embroidery. Awareness of these conditions is important for maintaining mental health, ensuring emotional, psychological and social well-being, and influencing our thinking, feelings, and actions. I visualize  a panic attack, sleep, coffee addiction, meditation and day dreaming.

I analyze the concept of machine embroidery in two ways – the machine and an embroidery, which for me is like a machine and a hand. If the machine intervenes, I will not lose control of the process completely, but it will be greatly reduced. I compare parallels where the brain controls the hand by sketching, the hand controls the program, and the program in turn controls the embroidery machine.

Composition 3: Coffee addiction
Composition 3: Coffee addiction embroidered detail
Composition 3: Coffee addiction embroidered detail 2
Composition 5: Meditation embroidered
Composition 4: Day dreaming embroidered
Composition 2: Sleep embroidered
The whole composition in UV light