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Patrick Barbo

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
  • Seasoning Romance
  • Tutor: Martin Melioranski, Raul Kalvo

Behind seven crop fields and a river, there is a small historic town called Viljandi. “Vili” means crop in English. The crop fields are so rich that even the most fascinating tips are often overlooked. The strange personality of Viljandi is created by the untouched romantic walking trails between the bumpy hills, that are peppered with dirt. Dirt tells the story of Viljandi and works as the local spirit. The locals’ mentality is to protect everything that has ever been built. To protect all the stories told. After gaining independence, the city’s blood flow dispersed. Lymphatic disorders developed in the Old Town. Diverse biography was buried in ashes. The newer parts of the town got more attractive. I find that Viljandi needs some fertilizer to sprout all its hidden stories. Don’t worry, Viljandi, I have come to the rescue. My task is to activate Viljandi’s old town for the locals. I chose Lossi street as the primary axis. A street which was once the heart of the town and represents the different historical stages of Viljandi. I plan to reopen Viljandi’s past so the people can continue telling all these amazing stories.