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Mõtus Lõmaš Kama

  • Industrial and Digital Product Design
  • BA
  • Co-design workshop model for the sustainable functioning of Kopli 93 community centre’s core team
  • Tutor: Merike Rehepapp
Urban gardening at Kopli 93 community centre

Society needs a shift towards more sustainable consumption habits. Communities have an important role in disseminating sustainable values and practices. Exploring the potential role of designers in community initiatives, I analyzed Ezio Manzini’s book “Design, When Everyone Designs; an Introduction to Design for Social Innovation”.

My thesis partner is Kopli 93, an environmentally friendly community center in Tallinn. I identified a problem in the potential cooldown of community initiatives after the decrease in initial enthusiasm and funding.

Co-Design Workshop

Together with Kopli 93, I developed a co-design workshop, which enables mapping participants’ values into a shared value system and deriving principles from the latter. These principles support communities in decision-making and solving crises. The workshop creates mutual understanding and coherence, which in turn strengthens the community’s functioning and resilience.

A functioning community highlights sustainable values through value-based practices like repair. These values and practices spread in society, influencing individual consumption habits.