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Mirell Ülle

  • Interior Architecture
  • MA
  • Healthy spatial design through material selection and activism
  • Tutor: Jüri Kermik, Gregor Taul

In my master thesis I address the issue with health and environmental problems arising from poor indoor materials and analyze the patterns of thought and behavior related to material and spatial design. I’m looking for an answer on how to break the usual thought patterns and achieve a healthy space. Looking at a human’s relationship with his environment from several aspects, adding layers to the topic and experimenting with different outputs in the design process, I realized that there is no answer to my question that would fit into one master’s thesis. I see the solution as intervening in the various processes of spatial design as a whole. A fundamental change in society is needed. The revolution is needed. One of the most important key areas is the promotion of knowledge, skills and competences in environmental design among students, graduates and professionals. This is through university education, cooperation between several organizations and activism. As an output of the thesis, I will undertake the last one and create a prototype of a website that focuses on raising awareness and helping to guide on a material selection what to avoid, what to use and how to use.