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Mia Martina Peil

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
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The spatial development of Tallinn has been quite fragmented and developer-centered for three decades. Larger residential areas could be connected to the center better and development of mobility has been car oriented. The focus of my thesis is Vesse – an industrial area between Lasnamäe and Ülemiste City.

Vesse’s potential for becoming an interconnected and pleasant urban environment is evident. To the north, there lays a residential area with 115 000 habitants and to the south, quickly developed Ülemiste City with over 10 000 workers. Through Vesse, we can connect two important districts of Tallinn and bring together residents and employers. Also, Vesse is crucial for high quality public transport connections.

In Vesse, there is potential to alleviate segregation, improve public transport, keep and create jobs and offer affordable housing. The idea is to create a new main street Kantsi and three local centers that focus on different categories: public services, inclusive public space, business and commerce. There is also created an interconnected street network with a step of 250-300 meters, accompanied by pedestrian ways after every 70 meters.

The purpose of this thesis is to find balance between manufacturing businesses, other workplaces, housing and public space in the contemporary city. This is dealt by creating  perimetral housing and synergies between different functions. This approach creates spaces with different hierarchy of public and private to encourage relationships between residents and diverse spatial situations.