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Mathias Väärsi

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • ACTION: I want to buy an ambulance truck
  • Tutor: Anu Vahtra, Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo

I’ll cycle from Narva, Estonia down to the Ukrainian border. My route will follow the Russian and Belarus borders until I reach Ukraine. The purpose of my mission is encouraging people to donate to “Slava Ukraine”, as this NGO is supplying medical staff with emergency ambulances and first aid equipment. They are making sure that the help is reaching the ones who need it the most.

HERE you can follow the action at platform

I’ll start cycling on the eve of 23rd of May, which marks 3 months since the beginning of the Russian aggression. Our neighbours, ruled by Putin, are bombing Ukrainian homes and killing innocent people, raping women and children. By now, photos of dead bodies and demolished lands have become so normal that it won’t even catch your eye anymore. But we can’t lose our focus.


The cycling route is around 1700km which will take me about a week to complete. You can follow me through platform and at the Estonian Academy for Arts (EKA) exhibition „TASE“. I want to show how close Estonia is to Ukraine– just a few days cycling away. The route itself runs close to the aggressors borders, to show that the conflict is closer than most people realize and that the fear that might feel abstract is in fact real.

HERE you can donate

The purpose of this activity is to fundraise 20 000 euros for Slava Ukraine.