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Markus Maasing

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
  • Viimsi — From Sprawled Non-Place to Compact Place
  • Tutor: Andres Alver, Douglas Gordon, Eik Hermann

The master’s thesis deals with the suburb of Tallinn, sprawled Viimsi municipality, the author’s hometown. The problem is the lack of a high-quality environment in the car-centric suburbia – large parking lots and supermarkets. Old buildings are falling apart and new ones are being built cheaply and randomly. In the middle of the peninsula, single-family houses are being developed in the forest, therefor contributing to car-dependency.

The work examines urbanization, suburbanization, places and non-places, and based on site-, SWOT- and scenario analyses offers Viimsi a vision in the form of a structural plan and a master plan.