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Mari Steinberg

  • Fine Arts, Painting
  • BA
  • Struggle of the browns
  • Tutor: Kristi Kongi and Tõnis Saadoja
  • Acrylics and oil on canvas

Series I, II
3 x 2 m

Series III-VII

45 x 30 cm

Photographer: Jana Mätas


in order for too long

like the winter that lasts forever

Does nobody love me 

or am I just too brown?

It is not a closed off color

because the fresh

juvenile blissful greens 

keep running in-between the browns

I want to see my clear shape

listen to the old radio 

recognizing the same frequencies 

revealing the brown hearted lady 

from rainbow

preserved as the painting 

where lies the colourful future and present

together with browns.

Series I
Series II
Series III
Series IV
Series V
Series VI
Series VII