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Margo Kuld

  • Industrial and Digital Product Design
  • BA
  • Architectonic analysis of American car design sustainability
  • Tutor: Aleksander Jakovlev, MA

The choice of topic for the BA thesis was motivated by the wasteful transport management in the United States of America, as seen in the fact that the most popular motorised individual means of transport are not cars, but pickup trucks and SUVs. Among the so-called light means of transport sold in US in 2021, light trucks, i.e. pickups, SUVs, crossovers and minivans comprised already 78 per cent.

Another reason for choosing this particular topic was the fact that American car industry, which was the largest in the world for most part of the last century, has today almost vanished, and this process was caused by abandoning the typical architectonic features of the cars, their roots.

I am interested in the question whether it would be possible (at least theoretically) to revive the American car industry to at least some extent by returning to the architectonic cultural heritage of their own typical car design. As the result of the study, I will provide an overview of American car design and industry. I also carried out an architectonic analysis of American car design’s proportional mechanisms, in which I present a method for shaping the typology of a culturally sustainable vehicle. Also, an architectural model of the American car has been completed, which represents the architectural features characteristic of the cultural heritage of US car design.

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