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Maarja Tõnisson

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • Sula
  • Tutor: Kristaps Ancans, Taavi Piibemann
  • installation, video, silver gelatin print, steel objects, found objects, custom made clothes by Adrikorn Artefacts

Sula has many meanings in Estonian. It can indicate thaw, fluid, molten, merge, blend, fuse, melt, cash, defrost. Installation Sula explores the relationship between nature and the artefact, human and more than human. Sula is an unknown substance that appears in an unexpected form. Sula arises, grows and spreads from one form to another. Sula forms on the retina of your eye. It is like meeting with a familiar stranger, where the self-images dissolve. Sula is clear and changeable. Sula reflects on the processes of representation and embodiment. What kind of images are in the body and what bodies are in the image? What things are in the body and what bodies are things? The work is inspired by the theories of hyperobjects and science fiction and proposes a ghostly distorted mirror of today’s anthropocentric worldview.