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Lisett Mitendorf

  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • Rethinking last mile parcel delivery to promote end-customer well-being in residential areas
  • Tutor: Janno Nõu

SPARCEL is a residential neighbourhood service that makes last mile parcel delivery a natural part of a social and active lifestyle. The solution includes a physical environment and a digital platform. 

The physical space is a hub in the heart of a residential area that provides storage for delivered parcels as well as a place for residents to socialise and spend their free time to promote social well-being.

The digital platform supports the physical hub’s functions and manages the last-mile parcel delivery service system. Furthermore, the digital platform provides communication platforms for residents of the residential neighbourhood and the wider district, including the local government, to enable discussions between the residents and the local government.  The platform includes monthly personal and communal challenges to encourage people to adopt a more active lifestyle in order to enhance physical well-being.

Sparcel is a solution that brings the last mile of parcel delivery together with social and physical well-being.
Sparcel digital platform is divided into four sections: the hub, parcel delivery, socialisation forums, and active challenges.