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Laura Ruuder

  • Photography
  • BA
  • |
  • Tutor: Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo, Margot Kask
  • charcoal on paper
  • 50 cm x 170 cm, 75 cm x 200 cm

Allowing my hand to guide me, I´ve set out on a quest to play through different possibilities of natural landscapes and forms. This process centered work is created with the intention to give back simplified physical form to values that I have picked up from the lands’ own gentle and courageous expressions of the innate wildness which is frightening, but really not that dangerous. By following the urge to search and catch the essence of something outside of me onto the paper, the hand starts to pick up the rhythm of my imagination naturally, becoming more fluent in my own language with every touch. The body knows more about what’s tender and what’s tough than the mind does. And of what is near and what’s far.

How can I possibly tell you about things that are mostly out of my arm’s reach but always in touch with me?