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Laura Maala

  • Photography
  • BA
  • In memoriam
  • Tutor: Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo
  • Installation
  • 244 x 122 cm

I am most interested in why people remember certain events or moments better compared to others. Also historic variations in contemporary time and how has the collective past affected the individualistic present. My work is inspired by a winged altarpiece and I have built my own triptych which is made up of my personal memories. I wanted to create a “monument to memories” that also functions as a reflective self-analysis. The main part of my work consists of the photos from my family archive that remind me of my brightest memories. Through the process of creating this work I can understand how these memories have shaped me as a person. To give some overall chronological context to this story I have added old newspapers under the tapestry and on the front panels consisting of important news from my lifetime.