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Larissa Maria Pelke

  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • Toivar - a food sharing system for household communities to ease the access and lower stigmatisation burdens of shareable food
  • Tutor: Martin Pärn

The co-existence of food waste and food insecurity is one of the most reasonless problems of humanity. In Estonia, most food waste occurs on a household level while more Estonians suffer from food insecurity due to increasing prices and unexpected disruptions such as pandemics and war. Due to research results, private households would save more food if food sharing was more convenient. Toivar is a smart technology system that reduces household food waste inside a community by easing access and lowering stigmatisation burdens of free food. Through an app, users can manage and access free food that is temporarily stored in a physical storage system located in the entrance area of an apartment building. In addition, a smart sensor system helps users to control the quality and management of shared food.

Presenting Toivar
How to share food with Toivar
A connection of product and technology
Smart food recognition