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Kertu Rannula

  • Photography
  • BA
  • 2.0
  • Tutor: Laura Kuusk
  • PLA plastic, polyurethane resin, fabric, LED-strip
  • 1600 × 1200 × 1700mm ; 1700 × 1650 × 1100 mm

Through this work I seek alternative forms for the physical body, exploring the fears and expectations associated with existence.

Inspired by experience with extreme emotions, I explore collective existence in the present and in the future with this work.

The centre of the work is an alien compound together from a 3D model found from an online 3D stock and 3D model made from myself.

The human-alien crossbreed finds its physical form in sculptural installations, where it is divided into two opposing parts – an utopian body versus a dystopian body.  In pop culture, an alien can be seen as a symbol that reflects society’s fears, anxieties and tensions.

New forms of the physical body provide an opportunity to alienate oneself from the biological self and to imagine new perspectives.