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Karin Laos

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
  • LIVING SPACE. Proposal
  • Tutor: Toomas Tammis, Tarmo Teedumäe, Eik Hermann

The topic of this thesis is a space for living, and its aim is to shift our focus from public space back to living space; to initiate the resurrection of living space from a real estate heavy discourse, and to hold out a reminder that for whatever reason we design a space, we should never attribute more importance to formulas and tables full of numbers than to human beings. For humans cannot be reduced to numbers and calculations as certain freedoms are vital to them. This thesis attempts to draw an outline of the current state of Estonian architecture, and to find new ideas through enjoyable experience and emotion, which have led a proposal of a spatial design included in this thesis. This work contains a fair amount of subjectivity and cognition. It is a proposal to hit refresh on our thoughts.