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Kaija Kohlmann-Genno

  • Glass
  • BA
  • The dying do not develop scars
  • Tutor: Kristiina Uslar
  • glass
  • 25x25 cm

We do not need to be perfect; everyone has scars and imperfections. Accepting it will make our lives much happier. All blows, injuries, shards, scars are part of us, one needn’t hide them, because they make us who we are. Scars help us to be unique and original. If we are ready to accept the instability of life and enjoy the, however brief, moments of happiness, we will confront and overcome bad times.

Assembling shards will create a new, albeit altered whole. Willingly or not, we constantly destabilize our life-style, figuratively speaking break it, just to make amends and move on. We have to entrust our intuition for comprehending the good and the bad, and find solutions in every situation.

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” 

Ernest Hemingway