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Kadri Benrot

  • Interior Architecture
  • MA
  • Tutor: Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, PhD; Kaja Pae, MA

Subconsciously, the value and impact of rest tends to be underestimated, as hard work and self-sacrifice are believed to be the keys to success. However, various studies have shown that solutions to problems at work often result from resting rather than constantly working.

The aim of this Master’s thesis is to study the necessity and importance of breaks and recreational areas in the work environment and to design a working environment that values the use of recreational areas based on the results of the analysis.
I analyse different forms of stimulating breaks that contribute to productivity and its duration during the workday and examine types of individual and group breaks.

In design project, there will be tested whether the purpose of a smaller space could be altered to cover different types of work as well as include break corners and consider how to do this keeping in mind the small size of the room.

The thesis is aimed primarily at employees and improving their working days, but if employees are satisfied and happy, then employers also benefit from the whole process. In short, this is a victory for both parties.


The purpose of the Changing Office is to offer the smaller team the opportunity to replay the workspace according to the situation and to offer different rest and work areas. In order for a room to change, two components are needed, which is an active floor and an active ceiling.

The active floor forms a higher platform, where tables 60 x 60 cm are recessed into the floor, thereby also forming a floor surface. The grid of each active floor / table can be moved up and down.

The grid system of the tables allows:
– redesign the workplace as needed
– choose a sufficient amount of table space
– adjust the height of the table

The active ceiling is built on a grid system, where the 60 x 60 cm ceiling modules provide lighting, providing enough light above each table.

The grid system of the ceiling allows:
– Illuminate the active floor area of the office evenly
– separate workstations with blinds
– moving the projectors