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Jornas-Toomas Iisak

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
  • Pärnu Kalamehe Creative Factory. Repurposing Pärnu's beer factory
  • Tutor: Toomas Tammis, Tarmo Teedumäe, Eik Hermann

In contrast to Pärnu’s cultural institutions, there is a decreasing presence and availability of alternative creative spaces. It is no longer enough to have few academic theaters, concert halls and art museums in the city for a vibrant cultural life. It has become increasingly important to find a certain „place“ in the city Center where creative minds and cultural enthusiasts can feel free and occasionally escape from the tiring and saturated city life of Shopping malls.

Alternative cultural spaces often go hand in hand with declining industrial heritage or spaces that have lost their function over time. Seemingly unattractive derelict and unused industrial areas are an ideal playground for creative people who are interested in exciting spatial situations and are prone to create their own. Creative Factory fights to revive Pärnu’s alternative cultural scene and also sets an example for more inventive solutions to similar abandoned complexes in the future.