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Johannes Luik

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • 2,15m3
  • Tutor: Kristaps Ancans, Taavi Piibemann
  • Durational performance, wood, oriented strand board, masking tape, textile, readymade, thread
  • Interior measurements 0,8m x 1,85m x 1,45m

My graduation piece 2.15m3 is a continuation of my practice. It is an object inhabiting a space and me as a performer inhabiting the space of the object. 

The space that I usually inhabit is defined by the everyday actions associated with that space and the dimensions of me. 

These dimensions become a way of interacting with the environment. Through them I create a dialogue between me and the space. And through this dialogue a memory is made. These memories are made every day. Then the memory is re-experienced. And then the memory is experienced again simultaneously with the re-experience. These layers form on top of eachother and spaces move from unfamiliar to familiar. 

For the duration of the installation and exhibition of TASE 2022 i will be present at school. I have created a mobile space for myself. Every day I will install it in a new space. This space will then become a place with the potential for interaction.

Thanks: Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, installatsiooni- ja skulptuuriosakond, Daily, Taavi ja Kristaps.


Written thesis


documentation of the project on INSTAGRAM