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Joanna Lättemägi

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
  • Valuoja community centre. Activation of the space between the Ugala theatre and Viljandi Castle ruins as an urban square through the reuse of existing buildings.
  • Tutor: Toomas Tammis, Tarmo Teedumäe
  • Architectural project
  • 10 x A1; 1st model 913x491 mm; 2nd model 1500x1100 mm
View of new pedestrian road and student housing
View of new student housing and urban square

The master’s project focuses on an area in the city of Viljandi and aims to create a coherent connection between the Ugala theatre, old Castle Ruins and the Old Town by reactivating the area between them in the valley of Valuoja stream. During the project the buildings adaptively reused are the old Viljandi plane factory, former leather factory of Hans Gross and the horse stable of Viljandi’s 5th artillery. The project aims to reuse existing material and form potential through new modern functions and keeps in mind the needs of youth in Viljandi. Chosen functions strive for maximal openness to public in order to provide active use for a wide usage group and therefore value built heritage even more. The area becomes accessible by different routes on or by cycling restoring absent or closed connections in the area between cultural objects and the green corridor between Viljandi and Paala lake.