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Jana Mätas

  • Photography
  • BA
  • The Blanket-Net
  • Tutor: Laura Kuusk
  • mixed media
  • 2000 mm x 3000 mm x 1000 mm

The starting point of the work is the vulnerability of man. Both indirectly and directly.

A blanket is one of the most intimate objects that accompanies a person from birth to the last moments of life. A blanket gives cover, but not solely. Symbolising warmth, closeness, nudity and a sense of security, the blanket offers rest to the tired and relief to the sick. A person under the blanket is warm, tender and vulnerable. The blanket is something self-evident, as if it were a human right.

There are situations where there are no blankets, where the blankets are cut into strips and braided into a camouflaging net that does not provide warmth, but provides shelter from a dangerous enemy.  For the same warm, delicate and vulnerable body. To human.

The blanket-net is made by hand. When making the net part of the blanket, I have followed the technique of making a camouflage net by hand, where fabric strips of different colors are attached to the net so that a surface with small units that misleads the enemy is formed. For me, tearing the fabric means choices in a situation where there is no place for dreams. There exists only one goal – to survive.