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Iti Lona Oja

  • Fine Arts, Graphic Art
  • BA
  • Jorupill
  • Tutor: Liina Siib, Maria Erikson, Eve Kask
  • Video and sound installation. Screen print
  • 3’48’’

Filmed in Tallinn Tuvi park, “Jorupill” mimics the thriller aesthetic to reveal the dark side of a children’s playground. A playground is generally a bordered area, enclosing items made to provide safe interaction for toddlers. However, to me the sort of plastic or metal objects one might find in such an area, appear somewhat grotesque or even ominous. Inspired, I combined these obscure shapes and shadows and their ghostly dialogue to create a new environment entirely. This eerie game is accompanied by the constant repeating creak of a swing, as well as other foley sounds.

The title originates from the Estonian children’s song “Jorupilli jonn”.

“Jorupill”, TASE’22
“Jorupill” screencap
“Jorupill” screencap
“Jorupill”, TASE’22