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Ingel-Kristen Veevo

  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • My final work
  • Tutor: Maria Muuk, MA
  • 210x297mm publication, digiprint, glue bound; engraved copper ring; knitted scarf; clay mug

With my project “My final work” I make visible the invisible work that lies behind all the graduate projects. A symbiosis between the seemingly endless amount of books and articles, many of which are not even related to the work at the end, and found great citations that resonate and ignite; confused person’s feedback from one front and recognition and understanding from the other; the complete occupation of the mind by the thesis in recent months, daily wrestling with your concept that remains invisible to others; trivial conversations with friends and loved ones, which eventually end up discussing the difficulties of the dissertation; testing and reworking and starting over. Doubts throughout receiving education, formulation of professional practice, effects of external impulses and flashes of internal reflections. Publication of documentation is supported by artefacts created during the work process. This is my final work.