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Emma-Liisa Kalvik

  • Glass
  • BA
  • Onto Inner Space
  • Tutor: Kristiina Uslar
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Every moment involves some action. On every occasion, there may be a situation where we are involved, and often it is not a pleasant one. 

Our thoughts are the beginning of our feelings that may provoke emotion, a reaction to the situation. It depends on us what kind of response we choose and how deeply we respond.

Do we want to yield to the emotion and release everything from inside us? Or else, suppress our feelings and close ourselves off? Maybe, to know how to draw a line between our thoughts, feelings and reactions?

Now, we would have the opportunity to choose our reaction: to fight, to escape or to freeze. Examining our emotions, we should be able to reach the center, to find ourselves. Dissolving our emotions will give us space for new ideas and opportunities.