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Claudia Marcela Diaz Reyes

  • Textile Design
  • MA
  • Punching Longing, An interwoven journey through a crafted memory
  • Tutor: Annika Toots and Eva-Liisa Kriis
  • Woven linen fibre, author's technique

Punching Longing is an investigation that takes longing into account.  Through music, this work explores weaving as a method of translating memories, taking Colombia and a specific context as a starting point: its internal conflict.  And it asks “what does a relative of a person presumed disappeared remember?” A woven journey through music that wants to honour a person who is in the uncertain state of presumed missing. Using punched cards as a medium to transform music into weaving and vice versa. It is an exploration that aims to create a system that translates music into fabric and becomes a memory that can be played. Finding metaphors in the material, the colours and the processes. As a result, it shows six pieces that tell a story of joy of six different people.