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Cätlyn Tamm

  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • Reshaping Exhibition Practices: Enabling collaboration for a sustainable change in exhibition making
  • Tutor: Kätlin Kangur

VÄLI is a collaborative service platform for connecting exhibition professionals to support the sustainable planning and organising of exhibitions. The platform allows for leftover objects and materials to be uploaded to a digital environment, where they can be booked by other members for further use. The platform also incorporates physical storage options for objects and materials that cannot be stored elsewhere. Besides keeping objects and materials in circulation, the digital environment enables members to share their knowledge and expertise for improving exhibition practices. 

VÄLI platform

Digital space
The digital space of VÄLI brings together all the information on available items to be used in exhibition making. This information can be accessed by all members and items can be booked as well as arrangements made for exhibitions via the platform. The platform also gathers all expert knowledge from the practices of the professionals in the field, to which all members can contribute, and this knowledge can freely be accessed by all members for improved exhibition practices.

Physical space
VÄLI has its own warehouse spaces distributed in strategic locations across the country. For items that are not in constant use and need storing in between exhibitions, VÄLI storage options provide a space for them. The NGO operating the warehouses oversees that the items are safely stored, takes inventory and ensures that the information about the items shared in the digital space is correct.

VÄLI service system map

VÄLI offers two types of services: offering storage space for leftover objects and materials from exhibitions, and allowing for these objects and materials to stay in circulation. In the above map (VÄLI service system), steps 0 through 0b demonstrate, how leftover objects/ materials become available through VÄLI, while steps 1 through 7 show the circulation of these objects and materials.

VÄLI digital space
VÄLI digital warehouse
VÄLI object/ material passport
VÄLI user profile
VÄLI knowledge hub
VÄLI “handprint” – community contributions