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Birgit Uibo

  • Textile Design
  • MA
  • From Table to Table
  • Tutor: Piret Valk, Marta Moorats
  • Installation. Recycled fabrics and vegetable waste. Dyeing and sewing

The aim of the practical part of my master’s thesis is to test the concept of From Table to Table – as what comes from the table also returns to the table, in a cycle of creation. It consists of the following stages – Cooperation with the restaurant – Collection of their plant food residues – Dyeing of fabrics with residues – Finished table textiles

Table textile prototypes illustrate From the Table to Table methods and processes. I will conduct my experiment in collaboration with a local restaurant in Tallinn, named Fotografiska, whose left-over food waste and worn-out kitchen towels shall be used  as a base to design new textiles.

These textiles will become compost at the end of their useful lives, thus soil is formed into new raw materials and the cycle continues.

The design of table textiles is inspired by the Wabi-Sabi  philosophy – the appreciation of imperfection, and recognition of the dynamic instability of objects over time, an ever-lasting process of creation to which all forms in this world are subject to.

The creator relinquishes full control when designing the object and goes with the flow of the design process. The user gets involved in the role of the designer in placing the modules, which can be set according to the size and shape of the table and only limited by one’s creativity. Over time, the resulting stains from normal use also become part of the particular table textile’s pattern, as the design process continues with the use and wear of the product.

Ultimately, recycled art propagates thoughtful living and harmony with nature.