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Aspasia Kazeli

  • Animation
  • MA
  • ‘η μητέρα μου, η θάλασσα’ (‘my mother, the sea’)
  • Tutor: Heta Jäälinoja
  • 2D short animation film / Mixed digital and analogue drawn animation with acrylic backgrounds. A part of the animation is scratched on acrylic paint with a sewing needle.
  • 1920x1080 (24fps) / 6minutes

“η μητέρα μου, η θάλασσα” (“my mother, the sea”) is a short animated film, which explores and symbolically expresses my grieving process for my mother’s loss, from her passing until today. This three year journey is captured allegorically in this film as a weaving of two parallel paths; the mother’s journey to the afterlife and the parallel grieving states of her child. 

From the last breath, to the mourning and the only temporal salvation from it. It is an observation of her transition, which her child follows with its personal emotional dissolve.

~ logline ~ My mother’s  journey to eternity through my path of grief.

~ keywords ~ grief . breath . movement . stillness . transition


Thesis topic : “Animated Stillness; as a journey through emotional states

Thesis supervisor: Laura Benavides

Initiated by the concept of stillness as it is present and gets perceived in our reality, the research gradually steps into the world of frame-by-frame drawn animation as it wonders about ways that stillness functions in an animated moment. A paradox for drawn animation as movement is composed from still images.
Questions follow concerning ways that these lingering moments in animated films are perceived from the spectator as well as the intuitive emotional reactions that resonate with them.
A final connection is interlacing the obtained theoretical views and my personal animating practice through my graduation film ‘η μητέρα μου, η θάλασσα’ (‘my mother, the sea’); explaining tools (corporeal apparatuses) that helped me capture the movement of my transitional stillness through my emotional journey.