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Argo Tamm

  • Product Design
  • MA
  • Designing and prototyping in accordance with Green Public Procurement
  • Tutor: Heikki Zoova

Starting from the 1st of January 2022, new Green Public Procurement (GPP) regulation takes effect in Estonia. It states clearly that all publicly procured furniture has to be dismantlable for the purpose to replace the components if necessary. Construction methods used till now do not support this kind of action because of the details inside an upholstered furniture are fixed together permanently using glue and clips.

War in Ukraine, COVID pandemic and financial crisis with double-digit inflation – this is the situation we are living in at the moment and it has caused the prices of raw materials to skyrocket. This has placed furniture manufacturers into a tight situation where they either should review their business model or perish.

One possible solution is to manufacture sustainable furniture with replaceable details. Given design is based on this principle and channeled to public procurement as I believe that public sector should show the path to more sustainable future by its purchases.