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Anna Smetanina

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
  • Collective's intervention. Creating collective action in apartment building districts using spaces between buildings.
  • Tutor: Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa, Eik Hermann

The main goal of the master’s thesis is to rethink the use of the premises around us and find an application for them, while also taking into account the concept of collectivity in apartment building areas. An important topic was research into how these spaces are used in the current context and what details already suggest how people would like to see the spaces around them.

Within the framework of this master’s thesis project, several street space solutions have been undertaken in the Sikupilli area, which help to bring the people living there together, offering versatile solutions for the currently unused space. These solutions include: the layout of new pedestrian paths with seating areas, the use of a garage as a potential area for new features, and the construction of a community garden. All of these features are designed to bring people together and foster a sense of belonging and security through collectivity.

Innovations are aimed not only at the social component, but also at the use of existing parts, structures and space, using as much as possible of what is available. Collectivity can be achieved by influencing not only the collective itself, but also the space that surrounds these people.

Community garden. View
Inside the community garden
Garage. View from Killustiku street
Garage. Roof terrace
Circulation of motion
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