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Anna Mari Liivrand

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • A Brief Gaze on Formation
  • Tutor: Kristaps Ancans, Keiu Krikmann
  • Sculpture, drawing, stained glass, spatial intervention

The graduation project “A Brief Gaze on Formation” is an exhibition which brings together several different mediums such as drawing, sculpture, stained glass and small spatial interventions.
Through patterns and an ornamental approach to creation of artworks the pieces on display look at topics such as rituals and anthropogenic changes in the environment. Ornamentality is brought into the pieces through versatile techniques and materials which are organized by a sharp and evolving line. The materiality ranges between stable and unstable materials, such as glass an silver contrasting with sun burnt skin, eyelashes or fish oil capsules. So emerges an environment which tat first glance appears to be pleasant and inviting but in closer inspection reveals errors and unpleasant moments, thus breaking our usual expectations for forms, materials or space.

The exhibition is accompnied by a written thesis titled „The art of Decoration: Ornamental Approaches in My Practice“ which looks closer into how ornamentality and decoration has been used in my art practice and gives some insight into historical approaches on ornaments and decoration.