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Anette-Lis Seppel

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • ‘’Events stand still’’
  • Tutor: John Grzinich, Hans-Gunter Lock
  • sound piece
  • Track1 - 3' 22'' Track2 - 6’ 38’’ Track3 - 4’ 30’’ Track4 - 10’ 03’’ Track5 - 7’ 51’’ Track6 - 3’ 04’’ Track7 - 8’ 28’’ Track8 - 3’ 16’’ Track9 - 1’ 55’’

“Events Stand still” is a musical work that grew out of writing and recording a radio play. Album’s  9 tracks consist of 9 telephone calls, connected by storytelling. Instead of a linear narrative, the work could be seen as a selection of sonic vignettes, the content of which conveys the everyday climate of a group of friends in Tallinn in the last decade.

The idea for the album was born out of a desire to experiment with music production techniques in order to create music from field recordings that were collected as backgrounds for telephone calls. The original material can be heard in the last, 9th track of the album. The musical influences come mainly from the fields of different dark music genres. The sounds created can be seen as seemingly dissonant, when in fact they actually relate to the dialogues through inner feelings of the writer. 

The practical part can be heard in a room, where the album is looping.

The written part of the work analyzes the creative process, the influences and decisions of a multifaceted project.

Feat. Magnus Kittask // Mark Antonius Puhkan // Juhan Soone // Anni Uutma // Eliis Vaiksaar // Sander Vaus

Keynotes: sound piece // album // radio play // sonic vignettes // radio noir // sound alchemy // storytelling