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Aap Kaur Suvi

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • My mind won't stop shaking
  • Tutor: Liina Siib
  • Reeds, wires, microchip, servomotors, styrofoam, visitor, electricity, universe
  • 3x3m

Reeds are mortal

Humans are mortal

Humans are reeds

Reeds are shaking in the wind. Is it reeds moving or wind moving? All the universe comes together at this moment and is shaking. My mind can’t stop shaking, is an installation full of shaking, where the harmony is composed by reeds, servo motors, microprocessor, styrofoam, infrared sensor, visitor and by innumerable known and unknown parameters.. Together, they create a situation where the viewer influences the installation and probably the installation also affects the viewer. A new state of affairs is being born. When the viewer enters the room, the reed stops shaking and he lets the viewer realize herself/himself, when the viewer stops, he lets the reed with the surrounding technology to realize itself