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Laura Rohtlaan

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • KURU room: residential modular solution
  • Tutor: Toomas Tammis ja Tarmo Teedumäe
  • 12 A1 sheets and 3 70x70cm models

The KURU project is looking for a modular private house solution that is flexible in design and applicable to special plots, taking into account the specifics of the landscape and landscaping. The project is based on 4×4 roof grid, where the roof angles and slopes alternate smoothly, giving each module a sloping roof with a different angle. The modular cross – laminated timber system is a modern variation of a farmhouse, where the emphasis is on the pitched roof and natural materials

In the course of the master’s project, I solve three locations, which are all similar in some aspects, but different in terms of locations and customers, thus they require a separate approach. Through three project solutions, I show the different spatial possibilities of the Kuru module and its suitability for the environment.

Neeme axonometry
Neeme house
Muhu axonometry
Muhu house
Pärnu axonometry
Pärnu house